HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL by Phil Coulter ($17.98)

BMG: 9026-63615-2

A wonderful mix of instrumental and voice, piano, orchestra, bagpipes, accordion, percussion and more. Enjoy Coulter's rendition of "Highland Cathedral" which was featured in the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral" or Dvorak's "Going Home" with bagpipes. "The Gathering - Bealtaine" features five bodhrans and is a celebration of spring. Includes his composition "Coultergeist", an obvious take off on the movie "Poltergeist". "In Loving Memory" was written for his young sister who drowned unexpectedly.

Highland Cathedral
Holy Island
The Flowers Of The Forest
Over The Sea To Skye
The Gathering - Bealtaine
If These Stones Could Speak
Going Home
The Enchanted Glen
Pilgrims' Way
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
In Loving Memory
Our Island Barque

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