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Both of these New Testament books have played a pivotal role in the history of the church. Romans is considered Paul's theological masterpiece, while Galatians is seen as his most personal and fiery letter.

In the introduction to Romans and Galatians, Fr. Joseph Mindling emphasizes that the most important tools we can ever bring to our reading of the Scriptures are a desire to absorb whatever God has in store for us, and a determination to listen attentively with the ears of a docile faith. This is what Romans and Galatians is all about hearing what God wants to speak to us through his word.

Drawing from solid Catholic scholarship, our devotional commentaries, edited by Leo Zanchettin, take a practical look at the books of the New Testament, inspiring readers to grow in their love for Christ. Each easy-to-read commentary contains the entire passage of Scripture from a particular book of the New Testament, broken into short segments, followed by a faith-filled meditation that helps readers understand the importance of the particular passage in their lives today. Historical background, relevance, and insight into church teaching are all combined with guidance in prayer in a way that makes Scripture come alive.

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