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Emotional bonds are vital to a woman's happiness and her health. Yet in today's fast-paced, time-pressured lifestyles, it is often difficult to develop and sustain life-nourishing relationships. Psychologist Brenda Hunter senses a new wave of awareness among women that recognizes the need for richer, deeper relationships with their mothers, daughters and friends. Modern women are also searching for expert advice to help them fact the challenge of finding a balance between career and family. This volume brings together two timely and compassionate books that address both issues: In the Company of Women and Home By Choice.

In the Company of Women is a guide to finding the time and the methods to build the relationships that will add to the richness of women's lives. No matter what a woman's stage in life, and no matter how much she loves the men in her life, much of a woman's emotional support comes from other women. Dr. Hunter explains how to deepen and enhance these vital relationships, including advice on how to be a better friend, how to deal with conflict in friendships, and how to learn to be a nurturing mother if the woman herself was not nurtured as a child. No matter what her stage in life, a woman can master the keys to creating relationships that provide emotional support.

In Home by Choice, Dr. Hunter shares what the latest research reveals about the impact of a mother's presence in her child's life. How critical is the need for a mother to be home with her children? Can "quality time" spent with children make up for time a mother spends outside the home? How will children be affected--now and throughout their lives--if a mother decides to work full time? Is it possible to have a career after the children are grown? In this book, parents will discover what psychologists have learned about each of these critical concerns and learn why many women are coming Home by Choice. Whether a woman works full-time, stays at home with her children, or is simply looking ahead to future decisions about family and career, this guide can help her understand how her decision will impact her children.

An important guide on the most vital issues for women, The Many Sides of a Woman's Heart can help readers build an enriching emotional life and make the most healthy decisions about the tough choices facing today's families.

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