NINE PORTRAITS by Peter Hannan, SJ ($25.95)+

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This book is meant to help you to answer the central question which Jesus asks each person: 'And what about you, who do you say that I am?' It is a question you are constantly being asked throughout your life and only you can answer it. Your answer will be an expression, not only of what you think of and feel about Jesus but of what you think of and feel about yourself. Therefore, the answer you give to Jesus' question will be crucial.

This book seeks an answer to Jesus' question mainly from the gospels but also from our own experience of the people who have given us a good impression of who Jesus is and of the different aspects of his personality.

It also makes extensive use of the Divine Ideas of the Enneagram. These help to clarify and define the features on nine kinds of people we have met in our personal experience. Thus we use the gospels, our own experience of people and the Enneagram to become aware of, to clarify and then to paint nine portraits of Jesus.

Author Biography

Peter Hannan, an Irish Jesuit, is a Spiritual Director and author. Fr Hannan has spent twelve years as a teacher in Africa and now works as a writer and spiritual guide. His life-long interest has been in the inner journey we are all called to undertake into the relationships which constitute our inner world.

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