JOSHUA (Three Books in One Volume) by Joseph Girzone ($15)

IP: 0-88486-179-1

Joseph E. Girzone's bestselling Joshua novels have electrified millions of readers with timeless truths expressed in vivid parables for our generation. Here, for the first time ever, are all three unforgettable stories of the simple, unassuming goodness of one gentle stranger whose powerful message touches the lives of so many.

Joshua: A Parable for Today introduces the mysterious woodcarver whose sudden appearance in a small town mystifies its residents. Joshua lives simply in a small cabin at the edge of town and supports himself through his exquisite carvings. He appears to seek nothing for himself and offers so much to others. A peaceful man, Joshua quietly urges his neighbors to break down the walls that separate them. Some follow his example; but others are frightened of him, and a senseless confrontation ensues ....

In the sequel, Joshua and the Children, the woodcarver journeys to another village simmering with breathtaking hatred under its ordinariness. Only the children recognize something special about this clear-eyed stranger who has seemingly come from nowhere. And only through the children -- perceptive, trusting, and wise beyond their years--is Joshua able to restore a sense of peacefulness and honesty.

Joshua in the Holy Land, the third book, brings the woodcarver home. But home is no more peaceful than it was during the "time long ago" he remembers. Violent disputes still poison the very air of the little towns of Nazareth, Capernaum, and Bethany. When he reaches the hatred-torn city of Jerusalem, Joshua's path becomes clear. Retracing the steps he took two millennia ago, the gentle woodcarver at last leads his followers to abiding peace--in this world and the next.

Deeply moving and powerfully inspiring, Joshua: The Journey Home will carry you back to the timeless foundations of your faith.

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