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This set features creative new children's sermons for the gospels of each year of the lectionary. They help children actively participate in the life of the congregation and learn about God's love for them. The sixty messages (one for each Sunday and major feast of the liturgical year) take seriously children's interests, concerns and varying levels of understanding. Because children learn mor when doing is combined with hearing, the messages include suggestions for conversations and enjoyable activities to do with children.

"The goal of this book is to present children's sermons through which children can begin to realize the immensity of God's love for them and God's acceptance of them as they are. Even though the messages and activities use simple language and basic concepts, the gospel is not trivialized. The writers of these children's sermons hope that the children will experience God's love and feel the joy that such good news brings." - from the Preface.

Available for Year A and Year B.

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