RESPONSES TO 101 QUESTIONS ON THE BIBLE by Raymond Brown ($12.95)+


In his long career of lecturing on the Bible, Raymond Brown may have appeared before a thousand different audiences, and in the question-and-answer periods that followed, he may have responded to ten thousand queries. Over a period of time he noticed how the same questions repeated themselves. For this book he has chosen 101 of the most commonly asked questions on the Bible. The questions cover a wide range of subjects: various translations of the Bible, reasons for reading the Bible, the inspiration and historicity of the Bible, miracles, the resurrection of Jesus, the virginal conception, what Jesus knew, the founding of the church, evidence for the sacraments, the structure of the early church, the role of Peter, and more. All people who have read or reflected on the Bible will find questions here they have wanted to ask, along with the concise responses of a noted biblical scholar.

"The 101 questions concern translations, the Apocrypha, reading the Bible, church guidance, the nature of the Bible and its truth, criticism, fundamentalism, the Gospels, Jesus' words and deeds, resurrection, birth, Mary, Jesus' knowledge, foundation of the church, sacraments, Christians and Jews, church administration, celebrant of the Eucharist, Peter and the popes and the New Testament church." (America) Index.

From the PublisherThe questions in this book come from real questioners responsible for the appearance not only of subjects that scholars might deem unimportant but also of subjects that scholars might prefer to avoid.

"Perhaps the best known and most popular Roman Catholic biblical scholar, Brown here answers the questions he claims are most frequently asked him by laity and clergy at his lectures. He arranges these questions according to broad themes. His responses represent middle-of-the-road Catholic scholarship in a thoughtful and readable manner, though his defense of Mariology is somewhat convoluted in the context of the New Testament record. A brief final section suggests methods of outlining the Catholic approach to the Bible in a way that responds effectively to fundamentalist objections. Even non-Catholics should find the work informative. Recommended for most libraries." --Richard S. Watts, San Bernadino Cty. Lib., Cal.

"This volume responds simply and directly to questions frequently addressed to Brown in public lectures. . . . An appendix explains how to express Catholic faith so that biblical fundamentalists will not misunderstand it. Writtenby one of the great biblical scholars of our century, this book is a good introduction to serious biblical study today." - Daniel J. Harrington - America

Raymond E. Brown, S.S., born in 1928 and ordained in 1953, has been recognized by universities in the- U.S.A. and Europe by some twenty honorary doctoral degrees. He was appointed by Pope Paul VI to the Roman Pontifical Biblical Commission, and with church approval, he has served for many years on the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches. Time magazine once described him as "probably the premier Catholic scripture scholar in the U.S.," and he is the only person to have served as president of all three of these distinguished societies: the Catholic Biblical Association, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Society of New Testament Studies.

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