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"These stories, some funny, all inspirational kept me reading all night. They are definitely a soothing cure for the colds of the soul." -Taran Smith, actor, Home Improvement "Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul is not a book filled with adults going off abot 'When I was a kid...'. It is by kids, for kids--a must read!" -Rick Dees, host, Weekly Top 40

Kids wanted a Chicken Soup book of their own, so here it is! Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul is for kids ages nine through thirteen, and it's "all that!"

Sometimes you feel like life is a total blast, from scoring the winning goal to hanging out with your friends. Yet other times, life is too complicated: you seem to see violence everywhere you turn, more parents are getting divorced, your best friend moves away, or you feel like you don't fit in.

Now there's a place to find answers and encouragement and to help you realize that your dreams really can come true. With funny stories about friendship and family, and serious stories about heroic kids and difficult choices, this book will make you laugh, cry, think, and feel good about yourself.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, join Patty Hansen and Irene Dunlap to create the first Chicken Soup book just for kids. Patty Hansen is Mark's wife, chief financial officer of MVH & Associates, coauthor of Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul and mother of two children. Irene Dunlap is a writer, jazz vocalist and mother of two, who is involved in enhancing the quality of public education in her community.

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