Subtitled: Experiencing Community In Small Groups. Community doesn't just happen; it is something that is worked toward. Whenever community occurs, it is the fruit of the personal journeys of its members, many of whom have spent years, even decades, in the search.

In Good Things Happen, Dick Westley explores the mysterious and sacred nature of community. He shows how, despite its significance in the divine order of things, community most often makes its appearance amid the mundane flow of everyday life. As Westley notes in the Preface, "Forming community, for the most part, is really only common sense...."

The book is written in two parts. The first part attempts to uncover the nature of true community, and reflect on its mysteries. The second part treats the practical matters one faces once the decision has been made to form a small faith community. Throughout the book, Westley shares fine and timely insights into the workings of community.

Whenever people gather, good things happen, and authentic community is always a possibility. For those who hunger for a genuine small faith community experience, Westley offers sage understanding of that experience, as well as guidelines for both beginning groups and those already established.

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