Based on Henry van Dyke's "The Story of the Other Wise Man".

MARTIN SHEEN, ALAN ARKIN and EILEEN BRENNAN star in this moving drama about one man's lifelong search for the true meaning of existence. In ancient Persia, Artaban (SHEEN), a wealthy physician and one of the Magi, sells all his worldly possessions to buy three precious gems. He takes his reluctant slave Orontes (ARKIN) and embarks on a search for the newly born Messiah whose sign he had seen in the heavens. But Artaban's pilgrimage is delayed because he stops to aid those in need of a physician's care.

At the end of his journey and without any gifts, Artaban comes face to face with the crucified Jesus. It is here that Artaban gives the most precious of all gifts. Take an unforgettable journey with THE FOURTH WISE MAN.

Full 72 minute version.

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