GREEK TUTOR (for Windows 7)($50)

39.95 24.95 On Sale!

This program is no longer in production. However, it will still work on Windows 7 machines. You need to download the Windows Virtual Machine from the Microsoft website and then load the program onto it. It works fine (I use it myself!!)

This proven learning tool teaches all of the grammer and vocabulary of an entire first-year college-level Greek course. And it's simple to use. You'll learn by both sight and und - you'll hear the pronunciations of letters and words as you see them on your screen. And you can learn at your own pace. Take as long as you need to master each of the 28 units included in the program. Reinforce and understand what you learn along the way using effective interactive drills. You'll start with the alphabet and finish by reading the first three chapters of the Gospel of John in its original language! Includes a bonus set of flash cards.

For an independent review of this product, please see this one by Fred G. Zaspel.

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