MEDITATING ON THE WORD by Dietrich Bonhoeffer ($10.95)*

COW: 1-56101-184-3

“Daily, quiet reflection on the Word of God as it applies to me becomes for me a point of crystallization for everything that gives interior and exterior order to my life,” wrote Dietrich Bonhoeffer to his colleagues at the warfront in the winter of 1942. Now back in print after a decade, this collection of Bonhoeffer’s writings, sermons, and letters on meditation--including his unfinished meditation on Psalm 119--reveals his deep love for the Bible as a focus for his prayer life and a support in his courageous political life. “Why do I meditate?” asks Bonhoeffer. “Because I am a Christian. Therefore, every day in which I do not penetrate more deeply into the knowledge of God’s Word in Holy Scripture is a lost day for me.”

“These meditations are for a time when the balance between social action and evangelical piety is in danger of being lost--which is to say, they are for always.” --Currents in Theology and Mission

“Bonhoeffer’s meditations...are of great value, for they disclose the workings of Bonhoeffer’s mind and spirit in regard to everyday activities such as sermon writing, letters to friends and students, and instructions to seminarians on meditation and how to read the Bible.” --Choice

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