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Seeking God in Story is an expanded and revised edition of The Jesus Story: Our Life as Story in Christ published by The Liturgical Press in 1979 and now out-of-print. As Navone says in his introduction: "The use of story, and especially autobiography, as a tool and as subject matter in the teaching of religion has swept the United States".

Thomas Cooper points out in the preface that "for many years, Navone has been investigating the role of storytelling in Scripture, in theology, and in the formation of spiritually mature Christians .... He has been constructing a Method in Theology, conducting an investigation into why we do theology and what would be the conditions of this fruitfulness .... It is Navone's special task and talent to be able to help us think about our theology and storytelling."

About the Author:
John Navone, S.J., is professor of biblical theology at the Gregorian University in Rome and at the Seattle Univer- sity summer school. He has written extensively on the sub- ject of narrative theology and has been influenced by Lonergan and Rahner. Seeking God in Story is his fifteenth book. Other books include Self-giving and Sharing: The Trinity and Human Fulfillment (1989), Gospel Love (1984), Tellers of the Word (1981), and Towards a Theology of Story (1977). Father Navone is a regular contributor to Theology (London), The Journal of Dharma (India), Broteria (Lisbon), La Civilta Cattolica (Rome), New Blackfriars (Oxford), and Milltown Studies (Dublin). He is often called upon as a theological resource person for Time-Life publications and for a variety of other magazines and newspapers.

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