COTTON PATCH GOSPEL has been highly acclaimed by critics and the public alike. This award winning musical drama is a leg-slappin', toe-tappin', hand-clappin' hoe-down of a story that retells the Gospels of Matthew and John--translated into present day Southern vernacular. It brings the far away places of Nazareth, Jerusalem and Bethlehem closer to home--Atlanta and Valdosta, Georgia. From his birth in a Gainesville, Georgia trailer to His Good Friday lynching and Easter Sunday victory, the story of Mary Davidson's son, Jesus, is presented musically with zest and uninhibited joy. The musical score is by the late Harry Chapin, founder of "World Hunger Year" and composer of such well known hits as "Cat's in the Cradle" and "Taxi". Harry Chapin considered himself "born to write the music for COTTON PATCH GOSPEL."

COTTON PATCH GOSPEL is special. It is a rare dramatic presentation that succeeds in both entertaining and sharing fresh insight into the Gospel--the greatest story ever told.

"A JOYOUS TRIUMPH!" - New York Times

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