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The book of Revelation and other apocalyptic literature are puzzles for many Christians. The intentions of the authors and the often mysterious symbolism make interpretation a daunting task. But with the turn of the millennium approaching, more and more readers are seeking guidance for this beguiling material.

In this book, William Barclay addresses the end-time passages from the New Testament to help inquirers better understand and appreciate their place in scripture. In characteristically lucid prose, Barclay engages each verse of pertinent scripture to both challenge and comfort the reader. Whether discussing Mark 13 or the letters to the seven churches from the book of Revelation, Barclay offers a much-needed guide to the scriptural meaning of the "last things."

PROFESSOR WILLIAM BARCLAY (1907-1978), popular Scottish interpreter of the New Testament, was Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at Glasgow University. He is the author of the seventeen New Testament volumes in The Daily Study Bible series published by Westminster John Knox Press, as well as more than fifty other books.

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