LP: 0-8146-1245-8

PETER ELLIS' Seven Pauline Letters does for students of Paul what his Men and Message of the Old Testament does for students of the Old Testament and what his Matthew: His Mind and His Message does for students of Matthew's Gospel. With a style noteworthy for its precision and clarity, Seven Pauline Letters of Paul's letters with: Students of Paul will treasure Seven Pauline Letters for its enticing pedagogy, its masterful mirror of Paul's mind, and its brilliant analysis of Paul's theology.

PETER F. ELLIS is Professor of Biblical Theology at Fordham University, where he has taught since 1972. He took his studies at Mount St. AIphonsus Seminary, Esopus, New York; the Angelicum, Rome (S.T.L., 1949); the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome (S.S.L., 1951); the Institut Catholique, Paris; and the Ecole Biblique, Jerusalem.

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