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The Liturgical Conference celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with an issue that recalls the biblical imagery of Jubilee. The hallowing of the fiftieth year, described in Lev 25 and announced by Jesus in Luke 4:18-19 as the year of the Lord's favor, provides an intriguing image for renewing worship. God's generosity establishes the Jubilee and continues to be encountered in eucharistic justice; God invites all who hunger to the table.

We are called in the Jubilee to respond to God's work among us by our own acts of reconciliation. Jubilee celebrations proclaim good news to the poor, release to the captives, healing to the sick; they reflect joy in recognition of becoming God's people.

Worship renewal is about people, those faithful who gather to offer their sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving and to be equipped by grace to live out their baptism.

This book includes:

The readings in this volume invite parishes and congregations to enable and encourage the full participation of all people, celebrate the liturgy with hospitality and reverence, select music and art that enhance worship and train all liturgical ministers to lead with confidence and grace.
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