John 20:19-31

Poem for Worship Easter 2A by Wes Morgan
Easter is a mystery -- the greatest mystery of faith! It is that portion of faith which calls for the largest leap beyond all that we can see or touch or know. Easter brings us up-against the edges of life and death and everything. For it is here that the boundaries between life and death become soft and merge into one another. It is here that the borders which separate time and eternity melt and run over each other. It is here, at Easter, that we stand in the midst of creation and re-creation and wonder... wonder... wonder... because it is here, at Easter, that we look deep into the mystery of all creation and confess we don't know. We don't know how -- or why -- or what. We don't even know what we don't know. Easter moves us beyond knowing into faith which is the surest kind of knowing. It is here at the corner of life and death that faith lives . . . It is here at the intermingling of life and death and faith that we come to the greatest truth about ourselves: the great God of the universe -- the One who made us, loves us with a love which not even death can kill -- loves us with a love which only death can reveal. It is here, where everything runs together and blurs, that one thing becomes very clear -- life is a mystery that God has created, and called us to participate in, so that our living might be lost in that mystery -- so that our dying might be beyond that mystery -- so that we might come to where life in its eternal qualities will be celebrated in God's full Presence forever! Amen and Alleluia! ! ! (Comments to Wes at First Christian (Disciples) Conroe, TX