Prayers for Worship
Prayers for Worship
Advent 4B
by Rudolph Mueller

Leader: Calling to mind the hopes and longings of all people, let us pray for the Church, the world, and all those in need (a brief silence).

Leader: That the Church, may sing of God's love and proclaim God's faithfulness from age to age, let us pray to the Lord:

Community: Come, Lord Jesus.

Leader: That the ministers and bishops of the Church may preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, let us pray to the Lord:

Leader: That God would give peace and rest to the peoples of the earth, especially those in .......that the hungry may be fed, the naked clothed and the homeless sheltered; and that those who govern may seek to establish righteousness and justice in all the earth, let us pray to the Lord:

Leader: That our congregation may be a sign of Christ's presence in this community, that the confirmands may be strengthened by the gospel and grow in obedience to God's will; and that those who are not here today may be jubilant in Christ's righteousness, let us pray to the Lord:

Leader: That God would come to the help of those in hospitals, those who are pregnant, those recovering from accident, illness, or surgery, and all who are sick and suffering, especially ...and that God would bring them relief, healing and strength, let us pray to the Lord:

Leader: That those in nursing homes, the homebound, those who grieve and mourn, and all who are troubled in spirit, especially.... may walk in the light and peace of Christ, let us pray to the Lord:

Leader: Most high God, we give thanks for all those who have gone before us in the faith and now rest from their labors, especially Thomas, Mary the Mother of our Lord, and all those we name........ That God may strengthen us in faith and life by the preaching of the Gospel, and bring us at last to the eternal rest, let us pray to the Lord:

Leader: Grant us steadfastness and patience, faithful God, as we wait in joyful hope for the fulfillment of your promises in your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Community: Amen.