Prayers for Worship
Pentecost 20
October 18, 2009

Prayers for Worship
by David von Schlichten

Call to Worship

Leader: We are so busy competing to be number one,
People: but Jesus calls us not to be served but to serve.
Leader: We push people aside so we can climb the ladder
People: and end up falling to the ground.
Leader: The Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, serves us, the undeserving.
People: We respond by serving the Trinity, including through serving people in need.


Lord, you are our refuge, our habitation. Sanctify our worship service, so that it may be a tool of glorifying the great high priest, especially by being an instrument of healing for a sin-sick world. In the name of the Melchizedek-Messiah we pray. Amen.


Obedient Christ, you put us before yourself, but we put ourselves before you. We want all the glory but none of the sacrifice. We compete with each other over who is first, who is the best, who should be boss. We play the servant, not to serve truly, but with the secret hope for reward. We subject you to foolish tests. We demand that you obey us but do not believe that we have to obey you.

For the sake of the Priest-Lamb, forgive us. Give us another chance yet again. We cling to you; deliver us. So be it. Please.

Words of Assurance

The one who learned obedience through what he suffered has saved us from enslavement to sin and Satan. God bears us up so that we will never dash our foot against brimstone. God satisfies us with eternal life and shows us the Lord’s salvation. Alleluia!

Prayer of Inspiration

Holy Spirit, through preaching blow into us the Word-wisdom.

Prayers of the People

Thank you, God, for the Church entire, for all the baptized, including that poet Luke and that leader James of Jerusalem. Teach us what it means to be first. Servant-God, (heal us with your mercy.).

Thank you, God, for the world entire, for humanity’s diversity, for the riches that you have entrusted to our nation to use in loving the neighbor, all six-billion plus of them. Servant-God, . . .

Thank you, God, for your humbling wisdom entire. Teach us to stop sweating and shoving to be number one but to labor to be last. Rid us of empire-mentality, might makes right thinking, and focus on making the oppressed the winners. Servant-God, . . .

Thank you, God, for calling us to care for the world entire. You have blessed us with healing. Humble us to be a healing blessing to all. Bring healing to those in need now, including these we mention in our hearts or aloud at this moment. [Add names.] Servant-God, . .

(You may add other praises and petitions here...)

Without ceasing do we praise you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, knowing that you care for us more than we care for ourselves. In the name of the Obedient King we pray. Amen.

Offertory Prayer

We place ourselves last, laying these treasures before you for the care of all in need.


Leader: The Three-in-One, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, has empowered you, has lifted you up, has called you to selflessness.
People: We leave here, God with us, having liberated us to be last.