poem/prayer for Easter 2

Poem/Prayer for Easter 2 March 30, 2008
upper room by Thom Shuman
from the corners of our doubts come the claustrophobic mutterings: 'it's their fault . . . . . . how many times . . .?' in the solace of the shadows, fingers stiffen in accusation: 'i wasn't the one . . . . . .you said you would never . . .!' fear churns the room, as we wait for hate's hobgoblins to jump out, yelling, "BOO!!!" then you come, parting our tears to bring us out of grief's slavery; putting your finger in our fissured faith to make it whole; breathing "Peace" sweet, simple unimaginably unlimited peace . . . (c) 2008 Thom M. Shuman

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Greenhills Community Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio