Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Baptism of Jesus by Ron Gordon
Mark 1: 4 – 11
Eternal God, the giver of the prophets to Israel, you give Jesus to us as the fulfilment of their words and works, for in him is the new humanity by water and the Spirit, through whom you create a people to know and love you. We praise you as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, blessed for ever and ever. Amen.
Holy God we praise you for you provide all things from your bounty: the land and the people, the water and the word of the Baptist, and finally, the one who comes in your name. You give him the Spirit to guard and guide him and you assure him that he is your loved Son who may speak and act with your authority. We praise you that Jesus is yours and ours: your beloved Son and our beloved brother: speaking our words but with your accent of grace; knowing our limitations and sufferings, but offering himself fully to your work of bringing us to you, even to being rejected and suffering a cruel death. You vindicated his words and work and raised him to the heights, and his kingdom shall have no end. We confess that we forget our identity and to whom we belong. We have not followed the way of Jesus in loving you and our neighbour as ourselves. Lord, have mercy. We confess that we want to know too much about destinations, arrival times and rewards: we pray for faithful obedience. Christ, have mercy. We confess that we want immediate solutions to the problems of trust and truth, and cannot contain ourselves in patience: help us see the long range view to the triumph of Jesus through cross and resurrection: Lord, have mercy. You assure those who repent, of your acceptance and forgiveness and you set us free to be the people of Jesus here in our world, now and into the future. Blessed is God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.
by the Jordan by Jenn Gordon
Mark 1:4-11 I long to stand by the river with you and wait in your presence for what is to come I want to wade in the river with you and dive ‘neath the surface and enter the dark I ache to rise from the river with you breaking death’s bound’ries and breathing the light I need to be in the river with you for the bursting of heaven’s in-breaking of love I hunger to hear the voice of creation calming the chaos and claiming each child yet, whatever we yearn for you’ve offered already, help us to walk on through this wilderness life (Comments to Jenn at