Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Proper 16 by Ron Gordon

John 6: 56-69


Father God, in Jesus you call us to yourself and by your Spirit you aid us to trust him. Open our minds to understand the meaning of what we hear and read of his words. May know that in Jesus we see the life of God given for the life of the world, and so hold to him in all the varying seasons of our lives. We ask in his name. Amen.

Lord God of Israel, feeding your people in the wilderness, and in Jesus offering us nourishment for life which is full and free and eternal: you alone are worthy of our adoration; we praise you as the giver of life in all its abundance, and the sustainer of all who trust in you. Holy and Blessed are you forever. Lord Jesus, you sometimes speak to us in hard sayings and we find it difficult to get our minds around them. We can see that people turn away when their imaginations will not stretch widely enough to accept your words. You offered your first disciples the choice to stay or go. Like them we know that you are the very source of eternal life. Holy and Blessed are you forever. Spirit most holy, you draw us to Christ and help us put our trust in him. Guide us in knowing the truth of his words which probe into the depths of our being, and to respond to his love with our love. Help us trust where we cannot see, confident that you will bring us where we should be. Holy and Blessed are you forever. On minds that will not open to new insights and for feeling that we already know it all: Lord, have mercy. On imaginations which stretch in almost every conceivable direction, but put you out of their calculations: Christ, have mercy. On ourselves when we refuse to face up to hard truths about ourselves and our dealings with others: Lord, have mercy. We rejoice that you forgive those who turn to you. Bring us to the saving power of him who was exalted to the cross, and lives and reigns with you, Lord God, and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen. © 2009 Ron Gordon (used with permission)
borderland by Jenn Gordon
John 6:56-69 leading us to the edge of knowing you pause and repeat, ‘my blood, my flesh, you drink, you eat’ beyond us opens a chasm of confusion all outside forms and features fade and death’s rank odour rises, rises and pervades and even though we know the light our foolish fear takes hold, takes flight we murmur, ‘don’t get it but don’t like it’ so we find our feet, retreat recovering the ground where we once stood that now no longer feels like home silent stones shout hunger, thirst and we recoil alone still, on the inside gentle threads remain unbroken sacramental ties that draw and tug woven through with words of life unspoken return us to the borderland where once again your hand reaches to our need and says, ‘come on, come with me; feed.’ (Comments to Jenn at