Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Epiphany 3 by Ron Gordon
Mark 1: 14-20
Father God, in the person of Jesus your Kingdom draws near, and new opportunities for change and growth are offered through his word and work. He called people to be with him and to share his journey and tell his story. They, like us, did not know the way until he showed them, through cross and resurrection, that he himself is the way to you, Father. Through such challenging and daring ways he led them; may he, by your Spirit, lead us also to know and share his way of saving love, in his Name. Amen.
Lord Jesus you looked on Simon and Andrew, James and John, in their everyday work and called them to discipleship. Such was your authority they left all to go with you. Forgive us if we imagine that certain religious places and conditions must be met for us to receive your call. You look on us and your Spirit reaches us wherever we are, and whatever we are doing. Lord Jesus, you show us that you want people to be with you and to share your life. Your life was lived in community and you called your church into existence in the world to proclaim your message of the need for repentance and faith. Forgive us where we have fossilized rules and institutions which should live and grow through sharing your word and sacraments. You have shown us that some things must be broken for people to be healed and liberated as the children of God. Have mercy on us and forgive us, we pray. Lord Jesus Christ, full of grace and truth, you come amongst us and offer us a place with you as your friends, to learn your way of life for others, a sometimes hard and perplexing experience which has cost and dangers. May you lead us and teach us so that with all your people we may know eternal life and love in the Kingdom of God. We pray in your name. Amen.
sought and caught by Jenn Gordon
Mark 1: 14-20 it begins with a look more then mere casual glance it’s the look of longing because he can’t go it alone eyes connect and more is heard without words than with the simple command follow me and all there seems to be are reasons to resist how can I follow this man that I struggle to understand whose words weave baskets filled from nought whose love I sense, but never sought on a journey that’s perplexing sacrificial and arresting, astounding and confounding healing, testing, never resting destination quite unclear, open-ended, undefined just follow me, he says, follow me, leave all behind and you can struggle to be free but being caught is liberty. (Comments to Jenn at