Prayers and Poem for Worship

Prayers for Worship Palm Sunday by Ron Gordon

Mark 11: 1-11 or John 12:12-16


Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! But which one are you Lord Jesus? A mighty king of David’s line? A triumphal warrior setting his nation free? The all-conquering Messiah to deliver your people from oppressors? You come in lowliness and compassion with no political agenda to offer, only yourself. You are denied and rejected and turn all our ambitions and plans upside down. You reign as King on a cross. Blessed are you coming in the name of God! Amen.


Holy God, you come amongst us in such an unobtrusive and quiet way in a carpenter and preacher from Nazareth. He came to your ancient capital and its holy place as a humble pilgrim seeking to fulfil your loving purposes. His followers hailed him and he did not deny them, for everything about him was truth in spite of what people thought, said or did with him. He is truly Emmanuel, you God, in our midst. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Most holy and lowly Lord Jesus, we want to celebrate you and we are sometimes swept away with triumphalism, with loud praises and martial music. But we miss the irony that the king comes and is judged to be a criminal; that he who comes to save all people is denied and accused by his own; that an empire which prided itself on its justice, denied, tortured and killed him. Yet the final word belonged not to tribunals, but to you, for you O God vindicated him and raised the one who came in your name. When we are swept away by pressure, by fiery words, which are lies, so that others are falsely accused and punished, exiled or slain: bring to our minds the accusers of Jesus: Lord, have mercy. When we are tempted to make swift decisions which result in injustice to others in any way: political, economic, social or religious: Christ, have mercy. When we hesitate to speak up, or take the part of an innocent person, and therefore conspire in their condemnation: Lord, have mercy. Eternal God, you alone are the judge of living and dead and all must submit to your judgment. Your loving-kindness and tender mercies endure for ever. This we know through your risen and living Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who is blessed with you and the Holy Spirit forever. Amen. © 2009 Ron Gordon (used with permission)

arrival by Jenn Gordon
Mark 11:1-11 when it would have been advisable for you to slip in under the guard you came to the end of the road regal and riding commanding attention and the coated road rose up to meet you while shouts of ‘save us’ waved through leafy limbs and David’s name and the bidden, yet unridden colt willingly lent to the Lord bears you like no other burden to the temple (Comments to Jenn at