ADVENT 4: MYSTERY by Timothy Haut
It is the stirring In the night places, The quick gasp of wonder As the first snow gently Coats the branch beyond the window, The glow at the center of the candle flame Which burns inside the heart. It is the tiptoeing Around the sleeping child, or cat, The immense love that explodes, Like a surprise, at a baby’s birth. It is the warmth of an embrace, The silence of a prayer with no words, The simple joy at the moment of awakening. All around is this Mystery, The gift of ordinary life, All beautiful things That make us seek That hidden hand, that holy heart At the center of this blessed and broken world. It is love That makes us sing-- Heaven and nature, fields and floods, Rocks, hills and plains, My heart! All sing For love, for love, for love’s sake, For this given, glorious Mystery. Joy to the World! (Comments to Tim at Deep River, CT