October 21 – Twenty-first after Pentecost

October 21 – Twenty-first after Pentecost

World Food Day


Job 38:1–7, (34–41)

God’s rebuttal to Job’s complaint.


Psalm 104:1–9, 24, 35c (VU pp. 826–827 Parts One and Two)

With Wisdom, God created Earth and all its creatures.


Hebrews 5:1–10

Christ learned obedience and was made perfect.


Mark 10:35–45

James and John request to sit on Jesus’ right and left.


Both New Testament readings focus on humility. Which movie or television characters exude humility for you? Which do not, and instead give us an idea of how not to live?

Theme Engagement Question

Where in your life do you, or do you need to, focus on goodness rather than greatness?

With Children

Check out Imagine a Day by Sarah L. Thomson (Simon and Schuster, 2005). Using the theme of the psalm as a jumping-off point, draw on the story to dream with the children about the wonder of each day and all that God has created in which we delight. Ask the children what they think about all that God has made. You might also use Somewhere in the World Right Now by Stacey Schuett (Alfred A. Knopf, 1995), which invites us to think about the fact that while we are starting a new day, other folk are getting ready to sleep.

Sermon Starter

In Carol Shield’s Unless (Vintage Canada, 2002), a young woman, Norah, sits daily on the streets of Toronto with a cardboard sign that reads “Goodness.” A key element of Unless is the focus on goodness rather than greatness. In this passage from Mark, the sons of Zebedee are seeking greatness, but Jesus calls them to goodness. How are we seeking greatness in our churches, in our culture, and in our lives? When do we need to be humble? Where do we need to focus on goodness rather than greatness? How are we becoming servants of goodness? Where are we choosing to be last instead of first?


Hebrew Scripture

VU 278            “In the quiet curve of evening”

VU 660            “How firm a foundation”

MV 77             “Be still and know”

MV 92             “Like a rock”



VU 296            “This is God’s wondrous world”

MV 122           “This is the day”



VU 337            “Blessed assurance”

VU 348            “O love, how deep”

VU 506            “Take my life and let it be”

MV 85             “Take, O take me as I am”



VU 264            “Immortal, invisible, God only wise”

VU 560            “O Master, let me walk with thee”

VU 595            “We are pilgrims”

VU 684            “Make me a channel of your peace”

MV 151           “Your will be done”