Trinity B

Prayers for Worship Trinity Sunday by Ron Gordon
John 3: 1-17
Eternal God you give us senses to see, hear and touch and minds which can store knowledge: your Spirit births us to insight and faith in Jesus your Son. In the power of your eternal love Jesus was born into the world and lived, spoke and acted for you. He went to the cross to declare your loving concern for the world of people. He opens men and women to faith as a new relationship with you through the gift of your Spirit. Holy and Blessed Trinity you are blessed for ever and ever. Amen.
God our Father, as human beings we walk a fine line between ignorance and arrogant pride which thinks it knows all things. You want to lead us gently into your kind of truth which has more to do with right dealings between people than with ‘facts’ and fictions. To help us you gave us your Son to live and speak with us and show us how to be human. He called us to risk ourselves to your loving purposes, giving us insight and granting us faith. Lord Jesus you knew what is in us and your love for us remains undiminished and eternal. You knew the arid dead-ends to which our religion can lead us without openness to new possibilities in the Spirit. You are God’s way to knowing and trusting in the Father, and our way of holding converse with God. Grant us new eyes to see and new hearts to trust in the possibilities of life which is fresh and abundant. Spirit of God, our companion and advocate, may we be aware and open to your influence which always prompts us towards the love of Jesus exalted on the cross and offered to all. Speak with us in the words of scripture and in the life of the community of Jesus, guiding our feet into the way of peace and our lives as expressions of love in this world. Holy Trinity, God in whom we live and move and breathe, known to us through Jesus as our Father, in Jesus as our Saviour, and in the Spirit as companion and guide: you are the One by whom all things exist and in whom all will reach their fulfillment: in this we are confident through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Poem for Worship by Jenn Gordon
born from above
John 3: 1-17 once born slippery, fragile and loud cord cut, we gasp with the certainty of our separate selves and spend the rest of our lives breathing our way back into communion once born hungry for nurture we nuzzle the breast of God searching for the source until, attached, we taste new wine poured out flowing freely unmeasured, unrelenting once born startled by the starkness of day and the unsounded depth of night this enormous expanse of nothing we flail, arms, legs and lungs until cuddled and cooed to the tune of peace in the secure lap of love’s embrace we sleep (Comments to Jenn at