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Trinity Sunday (C)

Commentaries and Lectionary Reflections (RC)

Commentaries and Lectionary Reflections (RCL)(2016)

  • Lectionary Commentary

    by Norman Beck
  • Does God Have a Plan for Me? No, Because It's Complicated.

    by Brendan Byrne
    So where does this leave me in terms of my own grief and the reality of my sister’s death? Not one whit less grief-struck or sorrowing or emotionally wrenched by the suddenness and unfairness of her death, of that you may be assured. But what has touched my heart is the reality that hope doesn’t work like that; it doesn’t remove the pain or offer balming consolations. In his poem To His Coy Mistress, the English poet Andrew Marvell said that love was “vaster than Empires and more slow”, and I think that hope is much the same.
  • Evangelectionary

    by R. Wayne Calhoun
  • Thinking About the Spirit

    by Jerry Carpenter
  • Starters for Sunday

    by John Chalmers
  • God Is and Is and Is

    by Lynn Domina
  • All Together Now

    by Jim Eaton
  • Adventurous Lectionary

    by Bruce Epperly
  • Wisdom's Three-in-One Dance

    by Jane Anne Ferguson
  • Deeper Than Darkness

    by Edwina Gately
    There is a story about an International Congress of Skunks that gathered not so long ago to ponder the state of the world (the skunks representing evil in the world). At some point, the chief of all evil (the devil himself!) stood up and counseled all the little skunks (devils) to allow humanity to do whatever they desired — even to love one another and to be kind and generous. “But," the devil declared, “even as the humans do good deeds, you must ensure that the light of hope dies in their eyes. Then we have them!”
  • Heeding the Spirit, Finding the Trinity

    Lectiocast with Broderick Greer and Daniel Kirk
  • Trinity Sunday

    by Owen Griffiths
  • A Good Mystery

    by Scott Gunn
  • Trinity Sunday

    by Michael Hardin
  • Trinity Sunday

    by John Edward Harris
  • Bible Study

    by Samantha Haycock
  • Trinity Sunday

    by Michael Hiller
  • The Athanasian Creed and an Unholy Trinity

    by Dawn Hutchings
    My brother Alan and I didn’t get around to understanding one another until we were in our mid-40’s. When I grew to appreciate the gentle man that he has become and Alan began to respect the person I’ve become. We still love to talk politics, but these days we tend to agree more than we disagree, I’m not sure who mellowed, the redneck or the radical. We don’t talk much about religion, though. Growing up, Alan would claim to be an atheist, and scoffed at my involvement with the church. These days, Alan, suggests he is an agnostic, and although he’s come to respect my life in the church, he still scoffs at the hypocrisy of the church.
  • Wolf Blitzer Learned That There Are Indeed Atheists in Fox-Holes

    by Dawn Hutchings
    I tuned into CNN and there amidst the rubble of More Oklahoma was the familiar face of Wolf Blitzer. It was the day after the tornado and the big name newscasters had been rushed to the scene in time to provide color-commentary on the evening news. Wolf was interviewing a young mother named Rebecca Vitsmun who was holding a squirming her 19 month old, toddler Anders in her arms. The young mother gave a blow-by-blow account of her narrow escape.
  • Trinity Sunday

    Podcast with Rolf Jacobson, Karoline Lewis and Matt Skinner
  • Trinity Sunday

    by Robert Kitchen
  • Trinity Talk

    by Karoline Lewis
  • Bible Study

    by Robert Linthicum
  • Trinity Sunday (C)

    Podcast with Robb McCoy and Eric Fistler
  • Wisdom in Triplicate

    by Glenn Monson
  • Doctrine of the Trinity

    Links Compiled by Arnold Neufeldt-Fast
  • The Template of All Reality

    by Julianne Parker
  • Trinity Sunday

    from Prison Lectionary
  • Trinity Sunday

    from Revgalblogpals
  • Mary, The Trinity's Plus One

    by Nancy Rockwell
    Theologian Mary Luti has recently quoted the late Harvard Chaplain, Peter Gomes: we aren’t here to own anything, but to receive everything; not to finish anything, but to participate in something. And if it seems unfair not to see the fruits of our labor, it is likewise an undeserved privilege that we get to labor at all. This could be Mary’s personal credo. It could also be the best-ever description of the Trinity.
  • Trinity (C)

    from Sacraconversacione
    Walter Brueggemann regards the eighth chapter of the Book of Proverbs as a “countertestimony.” “He writes: “Now Wisdom (personified as ‘she’) is a differentiated agent of force for life in the world, who bears the markings of Yahweh’s own intentionality.” “Wisdom, according to this remarkable poem, occupies an intermediate place between God and the world of creation. On the one hand, wisdom is a ‘creature’ who is ‘created’ by God. On the other hand, wisdom, the capacity and agency for generating life-giving order, is prior to all creation and all (other) creatures….”
  • Trinity Sunday

    by Andrew Smith
  • Making Things Up Again

    by Peter Thompson
    Though The Book of Mormon was an irreverent and offensive and even problematic work, it contained within it what I believe was a profound meditation on the nature of religion. One of the show’s main characters, a Mormon elder named Arnold Cunningham, is often criticized at the beginning of the show for his tendency to make things up. And despite his best efforts to reign in this undesirable propensity, Arnold finds himself—partway through the show—making up new details about Mormonism in order to successfully attract and win over a group of non-Americans who had never before heard the message he had been sent to proclaim. What Arnold ends up teaching them deviates quite a bit from established Mormon thinking, and yet Arnold comes to realize that in “making things up again” he can actually strike a chord with and help others. By the end of the show, Arnold’s teachings, having been rejected by the Mormon hierarchy, become a vibrant religious movement of their own.
  • Three Times One Equals One

    by Shelli Williams

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