Luke 9: 11b-17

Illustrated Resources from the Archives

  • Go "S"ell Everyone

    by Tom Cox
    ("In an addictive society, so much of our consumer goods consists in packaging. How you market and sell everything from alcohol, to lifestyle matters. Anything to get across the message that you just can’t do without this product. So window displays, relentless advertising, background soothing music, 'try and buy' offers abound...")
  • Godhead Here In Hiding

    by Tom Cox
    ("It was a troubled man who came to see the local priest. His story was typical; one of a large family, born of hardworking parents who had performed an emotional and economic miracle to educate their family. The parents took pride in their childrens' achievements...")
  • A Real Presence

    by Tom Cox
    ("In some Egyptian Coptic Orthodox tradition, there is a custom of families coming to Divine worship with home-baked unleavened bread. Some of this is chosen for use in the Divine Liturgy, the remainder is brought home and let decay untouched- as it could have been the Body of Christ...")
  • Jesus Is Always With Us

    by James Farfaglia
    ("There is a fascinating story told of scientists from NASA interested in experimenting with the energy of the human body and how the aura might be affected by prolonged travel in space. They devised a camera that could perceive the aura. They asked permission of a dying man in a hospital if they could observe his aura as death approached...")
  • The Body and Blood of Christ

    by Jerry Fuller, OMI
    ("Author Neil Chethik was living a few blocks from his paternal grandfather whom he often visited. Then one day he got a phone call from a doctor who said: 'I'm sorry to tell you this but your grandfather has had a heart attack and he has expired.' After Chethik and his father sorted through the old man's belongings, Chethik was astounded when his father wept..." and other illustrations)
  • Corpus Christi (B)(2003)

    by Jerry Fuller, OMI
    ("During the Second World War, Jewish people fleeing Nazi persecution were able to find refuge in a village in the mountains of southwest France called Le Chambon. The story has become well known because this was an enterprise not just of single heroic households of or religious houses but of a whole rural community...")
  • Be All That You Can Be

    by Sil Galvan
    I once wished I could erase the image from my memory: my firstborn child, the boy I loved with all my heart, glaring at me as I turned to walk away and leave him in a juvenile treatment center. "I hate you!", he screamed, and his rage pierced me like a knife. "I never want to see you again!" How had things gone so terribly wrong? I agonized. And yet that image is now a reminder of how far my son has come - and of the love that helped him when his family's could not. Andy had always been a little mischievous, so his step-dad, Dan, and I didn't worry too much when teachers complained that he disrupted the class. "All he needs is a little discipline - and a lot of love," we told each other.
  • Body and Blood of Christ

    by Andrew Greeley
    ("Remember the two little kids who 'almost drowned' in the storm on the lake? After their father had brought them ashore, what did he do? Well, of course, he gave them something to eat. Now their father was not much of a cook and their mother had gone shopping with their big sister...")
  • If I Had Only Known!

    by Joe Horn
    ("Among those who begged for the services of Doctor Lorenz was a very wealthy woman in Chicago's East Side. She told him that she would pay any price he named. She also told the pastor at her local church to pray that God would send the good doctor to her home. Here's where the story gets really good...")
  • Bungling the Body and Blood

    by Terrance Klein, SJ
    "'Grandma, you want to play Mass?' 'Play Mass? How do you play Mass?' I hated to think this about my own Grandma Klein, especially as she was staying several days with us that summer, but she was a little slow. She wasn't good at playing Candy Land, and, in summer, who wanted to play board games anyway? It was too hot, and she was too heavy, for tag. Mass in the garage seemed a perfect choice, and she didn't know how to do it!..."
  • A Meal With Friends

    by David Leininger
    ("Fred Craddock, one of America's great teachers of preaching, tells the story of another breakfast experience. He was stuck in Winnipeg, Canada and in the midst of an early October snow storm which paralyzed the city. Everything was shut down and his host could not even make it to Fred's hotel to pick him up for breakfast....")
  • You Must Feel Good to Become Good

    by Gerry Pierse, CSsR
    ("Many years ago my schoolmate Paddy was engaged to marry Kay when she was discovered to have cancer and to have only about a one-year life expectancy. She told him that he could call it all off. He replied that if he had loved her in good health he would love her in bad...")
  • Are You Living Up to Your Full, Spiritual Potential?

    by Ron Ritchie
    ("if we are parents, we find ourselves at times pushing our children to find their full potential at an early age. The following newspaper headline caught my eye last week in the San Francisco Chronicle: Parents who push children to strive for accomplishments...")
  • Cardboard Shoes and the Gospel of Life

    by Paul Rooney
    ("a woman named Christa was a small girl in Germany immediately following World War II. Her family was destitute. Her only shoes were pieces of cardboard tied together with string. One day she was standing in the snow and the cardboard came apart. A U.S. Army truck happened to pass. One occupant asked the driver to stop...")

Other Resources from 2016 to 2018

  • Talent

    by Beth Quick
    I once read about a Canadian man named Kyle MacDonald who decided to see what he could end up with if he took a seemingly worthless thing he had and kept trading it for something better. He started with a red paperclip. And he ended up with a two-story house...

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