1 Corinthians 15: 19-26

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  • A Mystery Gift

    by Mary Austin
  • Sermon Starter (Easter Sunday)(C)(2019)

    by Doug Bratt
    Just outside of Prague lies a testimonial to both the power of death and the power of God’s gift of life. The Nazis built and operated the Terezin concentration camp. It was a somewhat unique camp. After all, the Nazis built what they called this “model ghetto” to cover up what they were really doing to Jews and Gypsies, pastors, homosexuals and people who were impaired. The Nazis even fooled the representatives of the Red Cross who inspected this camp. Tourists can, in fact, still see what the inspectors saw: spacious bathrooms, showers and sinks with mirrors. The Nazis, however, didn’t admit that Terezin was just a transit camp where inmates stayed only briefly before the Nazis shipped them off to death camps where virtually all of them were murdered. Among the things about Terezin was its disproportionately high number of children: 15,000 of them passed through its gates. Only 100 survived. Yet those children did what children do while they were in Terezin. They laughed and played, argued and fought, ran and made up games. However, Terezin’s children also drew pictures, some of which visitors can still see at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. They drew them on the walls of their crowded barracks, in notebooks and on scraps of paper. Those children drew pictures of camp life from a child’s perspective. However, they also drew pictures of flowers, birds and butterflies, lots of butterflies. Terezin’s children, condemned to die by the powerful, deadly Nazis, drew pictures that spoke of life in the midst of death...
  • Easter Sunday (C)(2019)

    by Jin Young Choi
  • O Death, Where Is Your Victory?

    Narrative Podcast with Robb McCoy and Eric Fistler
  • Victory Over Death

    by Gregory Rawn
  • Easter 2C (2019)

    by Robert Smith
  • Easter Sunday (C)(2019)

    by Richard Swanson

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