1 Samuel 2: 1-10

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  • Cause for Thanksgiving

    Video with Eric Anderson
  • Journey Through Grief

    by Danáe M. Ashley
    In a church much like this one, a woman stays behind in the pews after the service. She is sitting at the back, off to the side, so no one notices her as they are tidying things up. Eventually, the priest comes back into the sanctuary to retrieve something and hears her crying. When the priest asks what’s wrong, the woman tells her story: she and her husband have been trying to have a child for over a decade. They have been through every fertility treatment, including intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization, as well as complementary alternative therapies like acupuncture and yoga for fertility. Nothing has worked. This week, the woman’s specialist told her that she is entering perimenopause. The couple also had to take out loans from family to pay for the treatments and she is utterly depleted—financially, emotionally, and physically. Quietly, her husband joins them and puts his arm around his wife. He says to the priest that they have prayed faithfully to God for the blessing of a child. They have attended church, have tithed, have volunteered in their community, and have even bargained with God that they would dedicate their child to a rigorous Christian upbringing, sending him or her to an expensive, private Christian school, no matter what the cost. In essence, they felt like they had done everything in their power as faithful people and they felt as if in some way, God was punishing them. Their desire to become parents had ended up causing them more pain and isolation than they ever could imagine. The priest listening to this couple’s story felt deep compassion for them. Immediately, the priest thought of the parallels they had to Hannah’s story, except for this couple there has been no happy ending, so how would sharing that be comforting?...
  • Toppling Temples, Towering Trees: Is God Up to the Challenge?

    by John Auer
    Maybe it is, as it says in the opening to the old Dickens novel, with every ending, every beginning again, both the best of times and the worst of times. Whatever it is, it is our time, brothers and sisters! This is our time under God! Walter Wink introduces his last chapter with this quote from the play A Sleep of Prisoners, by Christopher Fry – Thank God our time is now when wrong Comes up to face us everywhere, Never to leave us till we take The longest stride of soul men ever took. Affairs are now soul size. The enterprise Is exploration into God, Where no nation’s foot has ever trodden yet...
  • Are You a Beggar?

    by Chris Cunningham
  • The Son and the Psalm of Hannah

    by Robert Deffinbaugh
  • Lectionary Blog (1 Samuel 2:1-10)

    from Desperate Preacher
  • In It For The Long Haul

    by Beth Johnston
  • How to Be a Godly Mother

    by John MacArthur
  • What Hannah Wants

    from Revgalblogpals
  • For This Child I Prayed

    by Valerie Schultz
  • Prayer's Fruitfulness

    by Ray C. Stedman
  • Proper 28B (2018)

    by Carla Sunberg
  • Mary Sings Praises to God

    from Sunday School Lessons
  • Visitation

    by Wesley White
  • Song of Hannah

    by Sue Whitt