Exodus 33: 12-23

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  • Proper 24A (2017)

    by Doug Bratt
    When I was in tenth grade, our high school’s boys’ basketball team advanced to the quarterfinals of the state high school tournament. While our team lost, many of us thought that we ought to celebrate what we called a “glory day” by skipping school the next day in honor of the team’s amazing tournament run. While I’m not sure students celebrate such “glory days” any more, my memories got me to thinking about the concept of “glory days.” While I attended a Christian high school, I don’t think anyone thought of our glory day as giving glory to God. Mostly, I think, we thought of it as an excuse to skip school. If any glory was to be had, it was that of the members of our team. Perhaps there was also an element of our “glorying in,” that is, celebrating the Eagles’ accomplishment.
  • Face to Face with God

    by Bob Cornwall
    Moses demands that God show him God’s glory. He wants more. You get the sense that Moses wants to control the relationship. Is this not true of us as well. Do we not make demands on God that might be presumptuous? Show me your glory. In other words, I want to see you face to face. What you’ve shown me to this point is insufficient. God agrees to show him the glory and goodness of God. The name of God—Yahweh—will be proclaimed. God is willing to go a long way with Moses, but God cannot reveal God’s face to Moses, lest he be consumed...
  • Peek-a-Boo God

    by John Holbert
  • Our Whole Selves (2017)

    by Kate Matthews
  • Proper 24A (2017)

    by Brent Neely
  • Image Management

    by Nathan Nettleton
  • Proper 24A (2017)

    by Dennis Olson
  • Sinai Sat Nav

    by Fay Rowland
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