Genesis 3: 9-20

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  • Proper 5B (2021)

    by Juliana Claassens
  • Exegesis (Genesis 3:8-15)

    by Richard Donovan
  • Proper 5B (2021)

    by Caleb Haynes
  • Proper 5B (2021)

    by Phil Heinze
  • On Not Committing the Original Sin

    by Ron Rolheiser, OMI
    The Theologian, James Mackey, once shared this story in a classroom: A man he knew was part of a hunting expedition in Africa. His group was camped in a jungle. One morning he left camp early, hiked a few miles into the bush by himself, and shot two wild turkeys. Buckling these to his belt, he was walking back towards camp, when he heard noises and realized he was being followed. Frightened, his hands tight on his rifle, he scanned the woods for movement. His fear was quickly dispelled. What he saw stalking him was a young boy, about twelve years old, naked and hungry. He realized instantly that what the boy wanted was not him but food. He stopped, opened his belt, let the turkeys fall to the ground, and backed away. The young boy ran up to the turkeys, but didn’t pick them up. Instead he looked towards the man and, in his own language, began asking him for something. Not understanding what the boy was asking, but sensing that he wanted permission to take the birds, the man began gesturing to him that it was okay. But the boy still was not at ease. He kept asking and gesturing for something. Finally, in desperation, the boy took several steps back from the turkeys and stood silently with his hands out, open in front of him—waiting until the man came and placed the turkeys into his hands. Then he ran off into the jungle. He had, despite his hunger and need, refused to take the birds. He had waited until they were given to him. This story, in essence, captures what makes for the opposite of original sin...

Resources from 2018 to 2020

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  • Proper 5B (2018)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Imperial Logic and Creation

    by Wes Howard-Brook and Sue Ferguson Johnson
    Dostoevsky understood this logic well. In his classic story-within-a-story, “The Grand Inquisitor,” the wizened inquisitor confronts the silent Christ who stands before him, while the crowd awaits the auto de fey and burning of heretics. He chastises Christ for offering people true freedom in God, when what we really want is bread-and-security. Instead, he proclaims confidently, the church has taken away people’s freedom in the name of Christ, in exchange for obedience to church authorities like the Inquisitor. Imperial church, imperial state: hand in glove, undoing and replacing God’s gift of freedom-in-abundance for security-in-slavery...
  • Confronting Our Nakedness

    by Dawn Hutchings
  • Moving Beyond the Doctrines of Original Sin, the Fall and Maybe Even the Doctrine of Grace

    by Dawn Hutchings
    Joni Mitchell may have written the song called Woodstock, but it took Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to make it timeless. Well, I came upon a child of God
 He was walking along the road
 And I asked him, Tell where are you going?
 This he told me

 Said, I’m going down to Yasgur’s Farm,
 Gonna join in a rock and roll band.
 Got to get back to the land and set my soul free.

 I must have listened to that song a thousand times trying to learn the lyrics, but try as I might a line from the chorus eluded me. I just couldn’t figure out what they were saying. Do you remember the chorus? We are stardust, we are golden,
 We are ???? what was the next line? We are stardust, we are….something, something, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. We are stardust, we are golden… We are ….billion year old carbon,
 And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

 Well, then can I walk beside you?
  • Where Are You?

    by Marshall Jolly
  • Jesus Calls Us to the Fellowship of Family

    by Terrance Klein
    A woman had died unexpectedly at the age of 93, and I was meeting with her family. Neither she nor her family were parishioners, so everything that I came to know about her, I would learn through them. At first, we talked about the usual subjects: her past-times, her love of family, the favorite foods she cooked. Eventually, in all such meetings, I broach the question of faith by asking if the deceased had a favorite saint or devotion. “She certainly prayed the rosary every day,” her granddaughter responded. “And if we could find her Catholic prayer book, you’d see that it is well worn.” As if being summoned, within a few minutes another grandchild walked through the front door, carrying some of her grandmother’s treasures. They handed me her prayer book...
  • Proper 5B (2018)

    by Vanessa Lovelace
  • Proper 5B (2018)

    by Ryan Quanstrom
  • Hide and Seek

    by Fay Rowland
  • Proper 5B (2018)

    by Paul Sizemore

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