Isaiah 43: 16-25

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  • Lent 5C (2019)

    by Tyler Boyer
  • Lent 5C (2019)

    Video with Michael Coffey
  • Lent 5C (2019)

    by Samuel Giere
  • Lent 5C (2019)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Past and Present

    by John Holbert
  • Sermon Starters (Lent 5C)(2019)

    by Stan Mast
    I just finished reading Purple Hibiscus, a novel set in Nigeria during a time of political unrest. It centers on the family of a wealthy, sternly Catholic businessman who can’t do enough good for his church and community, or enough evil to his family. As he spreads the wealth around in the name of his Catholic faith, he also tyrannizes his children. He beats his wife for minor infractions of church law, causing her to have two miscarriages. Things get so bad that he beats his beloved daughter nearly to death because she treasured a painting of her pagan grandfather. The family lives in a hell they cannot escape because their father does so much good in the community that no one would believe their story of family abuse. Their situation is hopeless, until suddenly this Christian version of Hannibal Lector is found dead in his office. It turns out that the downtrodden mother, after the beating of her daughter, had begun to incrementally poison the father. By her own hand, she set her family free. God set us free with his own hand, through the death of his Son.
  • Imperceivable

    Art and Faith by Lynn Miller
    Sometimes God's "new thing" is as obvious as the Armory Show of 1913. The Armory Show, officially the International Exhibition of Modern Art, shocked the country when it opened in New York at the 69th Regiment Armory. Designed to introduce American audiences - who were used to Rembrandts and Raphaels - to the most contemporary art, the Armory show indeed attracted many visitors. More than 200,000 ticket-holders were willing to stand in long lines to see the work. What those exhibition-goers saw was so unlike what had come before that everyone had an opinion.
  • God's New Thing

    by Glenn Monson
  • Lent 5C (2019)

    by Beth Schlegel
  • Lent 5C (2019)

    by Richard Swanson

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