Psalm 96

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  • Exegesis (Psalm 96)

    by Richard Donovan
  • Proper 24A (2020)

    by Phil Heinze
  • Sermon Starters (Proper 24A)(2020)

    by Scott Hoezee
    In her short story “The River,” Flannery O’Connor wanted to say something about the drama and the power of baptism. She believed many people had become a bit blasé where baptism is concerned, that we had turned it into a cute little rite of passage for babies on a par with getting their six-month portrait taken at Walmart or something. In her story, therefore, she has a young boy who wants to be baptized but for various reasons cannot find anyone to do it. So he tries to baptize himself in a river but he slips, falls, and drowns. Baptism, O’Connor wanted to remind her readers, involves dying with Christ. When she was later asked why she used such grotesque and harsh imagery like this in this story and in many of her other stories, she replied “Because in the land of the nearly blind, you have to draw big caricatures to get anyone’s attention and help them to see.”
  • Proper 24A (2020)

    by Nancy Koester
  • Proper 24A (2020)

    by Lisa Michaels

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