Ruth 3: 1-5; 4: 13-17

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New Resources

  • Ruth

    by Frederick Buechner
  • Proper 27B (2021)

    by C. J. Childs
  • Sermon Starters (Proper 27B)(2021)

    by Scott Hoezee
    From Frederick Buechner’s Peculiar Treasures and his character sketch of Ruth (Harper & Row, 1979, p. 148): “Naomi was nobody’s fool and saw which way the wind was blowing long before Ruth did. She was dead-set on Ruth’s making a good catch for herself, and since it was obvious she had already hooked old Boaz whether she realized it or not, all she had to do was find the right way to reel him in. Naomi gave her instructions. As soon as Boaz had a good supper under his belt and had polished off a nightcap or two, he’d go to the barn to hit the sack. Around midnight, she said, Ruth should slip into the barn and hit the sack, too. If Boaz’s feet just happened to be uncovered somehow, and if she just happened to be close enough to keep them warm, that probably wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world either. But she wasn’t to go too far. Back in Jericho, Boaz’s mother, Rahab, had a rather seamy reputation for going too far professionally, and anything that reminded him of that might scare him off permanently.”
  • Ruth and Boaz

    by Kelley Land
  • Proper 27B (2021)

    by Megan Fullerton Strollo
  • Proper 27B

    by Howard Wallace

Resources from 2018 to 2020

  • Proper 27B (2018)

    by C. J. Childs
  • Proper 27B (2018)

    by Cameron B. R. Howard
  • Proper 27B (2018)

    by Stan Mast
    The recent spate of sexual assault allegations against important men (Weinstein, Spacey, Rose, Kavanaugh, et al) and the resultant tsunami of outrage among women leading to the birth of the #metoo movement stand in sharp contrast to the nobility, decency and purity we see in this story. There is no bashfulness about sex in the story of Ruth and Boaz, but it is all so proper and legal and, well, covenantal. Sex figures prominently in the story of redemption, culminating in the story of the Virgin Birth of Jesus, but it’s not about lust or abuse. It’s about men and women acknowledging their sexuality, but channeling it into the God-ordained institution of marriage.
  • The Way of Giving and Receiving

    by Kate Matthews
    includes several quotes
  • From Moab to Bethlehem

    by R. Dale McAfee
    Perhaps you remember the movie “The Princess Bride.” It begins with a grandfather reading his grandson the story and the movie becomes the enactment of what is being read. We meet two young lovers, Wesley and Buttercup who are separated when an evil prince steals Buttercup and whisks her away to his kingdom. Adventures ensue. We are treated to fencing, fights, giants, pirates, captures and escapes but ultimately true love wins and all live happily ever after. But what interests me is the way the camera pans back to the grandson, the hearer of the story, who occasionally will interrupt with his comments and questions. It’s a clever way to make the point about what it means to really hear a story, to be affected by it and to want something from it...
  • Grandmother (Ruth)

    Art and Faith by Lynn Miller
    Michelangelo included this part of David's (and Jesus') family tree in the lunettes of the Sistine Chapel. The lunette on the south wall contains the names of Salmon, Boaz, and Obed (though Michelangelo records the versions Booz and Obeth). To the left of the name plaque a woman holds close her swaddled child. A breast protrudes through her garment, indicating that she has recently nursed the child. This could be Ruth or Naomi (Ruth 4:16). Either way, this figure group is a very tender one, strangely juxtaposed with the old man who seems to face a carved image of himself.
  • The Cliffhanger

    by David Russell
  • How I Met Your Mother

    by David Russell
  • Commentary (Narrative)(Ruth 3)

    by Kathryn M. Schifferdecker
  • Commentary (Narrative)(Ruth 4)

    by Kathryn Schifferdecker
  • Movies/Scenes Representing Covenant

    Compiled by Jenee Woodard
  • Movies/Scenes Representing Love

    Compiled by Jenee Woodard
  • Images of Ruth

    Compiled by Jenee Woodard

Resources from 2012 to 2017

  • Big Theme, Little Book

    by Adele Berlin
  • Ruth

    by Frederick Buechner
  • Proper 27B (2015)

    by Brendan Byrne
  • Ruth and Remembrance

    by Laurence DeWolfe
  • Under the Bethlehem Sky: A Brazen Proposal

    by Kathy Donley
    A now world-famous teenager named Malala angered the Taliban in Pakistan by advocating for girl's education rights. In October, she was shot in the head as she rode a school bus and was taken to Great Britain for medical treatment. Two of her classmates were shot in the same attack, but were not as severely wounded. Last month, they returned to school in Pakistan. They returned to school, knowing that they might be shot again, and even killed. It is a risk they are willing to take in order to have better opportunities for economic survival in the long term. Just how difficult going back to school is in those circumstances was brought too close to our own experience in the school shooting in Connecticut on Friday. I am amazed at the Pakistani teenagers’ courage and likewise, at Ruth's courage...
  • Under the Bethlehem Sky: Redemption

    by Kathy Donley
    God did not wait till the world was ready, till...nations were at peace. God came when the heavens were unsteady and prisoners cried out for release. God did not wait for the perfect time. God came when the need was deep and great. God dined with sinners in all their grime, turned water into wine. God did not wait till hearts were pure. In joy God came to a tarnished world of sin and doubt. To a world like ours, of anguished shame, God came, And God’s light would not go out. God came to a world that did not mesh to heal its tangles, shield its scorn. In the mystery of the Word made flesh the Maker of the stars was born. We cannot wait till the world is sane to raise our songs with joyful voice, For to share our grief, touch our pain, God came with Love: Rejoice! Rejoice
  • The Book of Ruth

    Podcast by Casey FitzGerald
  • Unconventional Means

    Video Starter by Nikke Hardeman
  • Fully a Woman's Tale

    by John Holbert
  • What More Can We Say?

    by John Holbert
  • Proper 27B (2012)

    by Patricia Tull
  • Proper 27B (2015)

    by Wesley White
  • Ruth and the Good Neighborhood

    by Amy Merrill Willis
  • Proper 27B (2015)

    by Alphonetta Wines

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