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ANTAGONISTS IN THE CHURCH (Study Guide) by Kenneth C. Haugk + AUG: 0-8066-2310-1 7.95 7.95
PASTORAL COMPANION, THE (A Canon Law Handbook)(Fifth Edition) by John M. Huels WL: 978-2-89689-354-6 119.95 119.95
COMPASSIONATE COMMUNITY, THE ($14) ORB: 1-57075-196-X 11.95 11.95
AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCH GROWTH by Carlyle Fielding Stewart III ($18)* ABG: 0-687-16541-5 14.95 14.95
TAKING CARE OF GOD'S GIFTS by Laurie Whitfield and Robert Cammarata ($2.95)+ OSV: 1-59276 2.79 2.79
 Available as single copies or in specially-priced packages of 10 for grades K-2 and 3-5. Please specify your preference in the box below.
BRAVE NEW CHURCH by William Bausch + TWT: 1-58595-135-8 16.95 16.95
RIDDLE OF GRACE, THE by Scott Hoezee ($14) EER: 0-8028-4129-5 11.95 11.95
DOING JUSTICE by Dennis A. Jacobsen ($14) AUG: 0-8006-3244-3 10.95 10.95
CALL AND RESPONSE: Biblical Foundations of a Theology of Evangelism by Walter Klaiber ($24.95)* ABG: 0-687-04602-5 22.95 22.95
MAXWELL'S ELECTRONIC LEADERSHIP LIBRARY from Nelson ($129.95) TNP: 0-7852-4392-5 49.95 49.95
WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING OUT by Art Beals ($19.95)* WJK: 0-664-50166-4 17.95 17.95
SELECTED TO SERVE, A Guide for Church Officers by Earl S. Johnson ($14.95) WJK: 0-664-50165-6 9.95 9.95
PARISH RENEWAL, VOLUME I ($14) TW: 1-85607-186-3 11.95 11.95
44 WAYS TO INCREASE CHURCH ATTENDANCE by Lyle Schaller ($18)* ABG: 0-687-13287-8 14.95 14.95
WOMEN IN THE CHURCH'S MINISTRY by R. T. France ($12) EER: 0-8028-4172-4 9.95 9.95
FACING DEATH TOGETHER by Margaret Smith ($9) LTP: 1-56854-176-7 7.95 7.95
PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH, THE by Rick Warren ($20) ZON: 0-310-20106-3 13.95 13.95
BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES ON EVANGELISM by Walter Brueggemann ($16) ABG: 0-687-41233-1 10.95 10.95
CONGREGATIONS IN CONFLICT by Penny Edgell Becker* ($21) CUP: 0-521-59444-8 19.95 19.95
OUT ON THE EDGE: A Wake-Up Call for Church Leaders by Michael Slaughter ($22) ABG: 0-687-05453-2 15.49 15.49
SACRED COWS MAKE GOURMET BURGERS by William Easum ($18)* ABG: 0-687-00563-9 14.95 14.95
STEWARDSHIP SCRAPBOOK ($14.95) WJK: 0-664-50044-7 12.95 12.95
 Available in print, by email or pring/email combo. Please indicate your preference in the box below. If ordering both print and email, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.
EXCELLENT CATHOLIC PARISHES by Paul Wilkes ($16.95) PP: 0-8091-3992-8 11.95 11.95
LAY MINISTERS AND THEIR SPIRITUAL PRACTICES by James Davidson et al ($19.95)* OSV: 1-931709-94-7 13.95 13.95
PARISH OF THE NEXT MILLENIUM by William J. Bausch + TWT: 0-89622-719-7 16.95 16.95
NEW CONTEXT FOR MINISTRY by Lyle Schaller ($25)* ABG: 0-687-06580-1 17.49 17.49
WHY CATHOLICS DON'T GIVE by Charles Zech ($19.95)* OSV: 0-87973-706-9 13.95 13.95
PARISH RENEWAL, VOLUME II ($28) TW: 1-85607-192-8 23.95 23.95
MINISTRY OR APOSTOLATE? by Russell Shaw ($9.95)* OSV: 0-87973-957-6 8.95 8.95
LOVE IN ACTION: Healing Conflict In Your Church ($9.99) MUL-672-4 8.49 8.49

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