DID ADAM AND EVE HAVE BELLY BUTTONS? by Matthew J. Pinto ($12.99)*

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Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? offers today's Catholic, both young and old alike, a collection of clear and concise answers to questions about the Catholic Faith. The 200 questions contained within came from Catholic teenagers throughout the United States.

Although written for teenagers, Catholics of all ages will learn more about their faith. With topics ranging from artificial insemination and purgatory to women priests and Fundamentalism, this book counters the ambiguity and relativism of our age.

About the Author:

Matthew Pinto is a co-founder of, a premiere Internet portal for Catholics. He is also a co-founder and former president of Envoy Magazine, which received the 1st Place award for General Interest Catholic magazines in 1998 and 1999 from the Catholic Press Association. The author of Did Adam and Eve have Belly Buttons?… and 199 other questions from Catholic Teenagers (Ascension Press, 1998) and creator and co-author of the Friendly Defenders Catholic Flash Cards, Matt is a well-known speaker whose work has focused primarily on youth and young adults.

Raised a Catholic, Matt "woke up" to the Faith after being challenged by an Evangelical Protestant friend. Unsettled by his friend's strong objections to Catholicism, Matt searched for answers. For two years, he spent hundreds of hours reading Catholic books and listening to cassette tapes. This study led him to firm convictions about the truth of Catholic teaching.

While running a successful advertising business, Matt felt God calling him to full-time work for the Church. He sold his business and entered the apostolate of apologetics and evangelization, working for Catholic Answers of San Diego, CA.

Matt then accepted a position with the Diocese of San Diego, working with the diocesan newspaper and in youth and young adult ministry. The young adult evangelization program he developed has become a nationally recognized model for success. Matt's desire to broaden his apostolate of evangelization was realized when he joined forces with author and apologist Patrick Madrid (Surprised by Truth, Pope Fiction, Basilica Press) to launch Envoy Magazine in November 1996.

Matt is a 1987 graduate of Temple University with a bachelor's degree in communications and a minor in sociology. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Life on the Rock, Mother Angelica Live!, and Living His Life Abundantly explaining and defending the Catholic Faith, and has conducted seminars on a variety of Catholic issues throughout the country. A native of Philadelphia, Matt and his wife Maryanne reside in West Chester, PA, are the parents of three boys, sons Michael (4), Andrew (2), and newborn James.


"Matt Pinto has written the most comprehensive question and answer book on the Catholic Faith that I've ever seen -- and I've seen a lot of them! A to Z, it's all in here!" -- Mary Beth Bonacci, Author We're on a Mission from God

“If you have a teenager who’s wavering in the Faith, challenge him to read this book. It gives teens a clear guide in this age of confusion and brings complex Catholic teachings down to a level teens can understand.” — Paul Lauer, Publisher, YOU! Magazine

“I’ve used Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? in my CCD classes. It gets attention! I wish I had such a practical book on apologetics when I was a young priest.” — Fr. Robert Fox, Founder and Director, Fatima Family Apostolate

“Matt Pinto doesn’t shy away from difficult topics and he gives straightforward answers, in harmony with the Church, which include citations from the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This handy tool will help young Catholics understand and defend their Faith and, most importantly, it will better equip them to live a holy life consecrated to Jesus Christ.” — Jeff Cavins, TV Host, EWTN’s Life on the Rock

“I absolutely loved this book; it should be on the bookshelf of every Catholic home, gobbled up by every Youth Group, and nestled in every knapsack! I loved the questions; I loved the answers. Matt Pinto has a gift for providing clear, theologically precise explanations without losing a masterful charm of contemporary language.” — Bud Macfarlane, Jr., Author, Pierced by a Sword

“This book gives young people reliable answers to life’s most important questions. Every teen should read it, and every parent of a teen should too.” — Mark Brumley, Editor, Ignatius Press

Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? was an instant hit at Aquinas Catholic Books. As a fairly new store, we started with just 12 copies. After one week on our shelves it was clear this book was going to take off, so we immediately ordered a case of 42 books. Now I’m ready to order my second case and it has been on our shelves less than a month! This book is an excellent way to get solid teaching to our youth and their parents. It can’t miss!” — Becky Steffan, Owner, Aquinas Catholic Books, Kirkland, WA

"I bought of copy of Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? for every high school student in our parish CCD program." — Fr. Harry Romano, Pastor, Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Coatesville, PA

“In Did Adam & Eve Have Bellybuttons?, the author admits his ignorance in answering that question but exposes his brilliance answering the other 199. In the teenage/young adult world of question and confusion — one I daily visit — there arises the clarity, humor, and truth of this book. Each question is hit head-on, resulting not in a pile of mangled parts but the harmony, beauty, and conciseness of the Catholic Faith.” — Fr. Andrew R. Baker, S.T.D. Catholic Chaplain, Lehigh University, Professor of Theology, Bethlehem Catholic High School

“For the past three years I’ve been a wholesaler to Catholic bookstores and parishes. I’ve seen what sells and what does not sell. I’m convinced this new book, Did Adam & Eve Have Bellybuttons? could very well be this year’s biggest seller because of its orthodoxy and marketing appeal to Catholic parents, teens and educators.” — Rick Sikorski, Owner, Good Catholic Information

“Consider this a triple recommendation. As a parent, I watched my 12-year-old devour this book in a weekend. As a C.C.D. instructor it’s the best instruction book I’ve seen, full of questions students and their parents are asking. Its unique combination of humor, sensitivity and orthodoxy make it the Baltimore Catechism of the MTV/Internet generation. Finally, as a Catholic bookseller, “Belly Buttons” has been a steady solid seller since the first week it arrived.” — Rob DiCocco, Owner, St. Jude Shop, Inc.

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