DINING IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD by Eugene LaVerdiere ($15.95)*

LTP: 1-56854-022-1

Celebrating the eucharist is more than recalling Jesus’ words over the bread and the cup at the Last Supper. The eucharist is a gospel event—its origins span the entire gospel, and its meaning for the church is as many-sided as the gospel. This book makes the connections between the eucharist, the stories of the gospel and the worshiping assembly. It is about the gathering of the church to celebrate in memory of Christ and to identify and work with the issues of the gospel that lead to the kingdom of God. You will return many times to partake of the full fare offered here. The endnotes will help you delve further into Luke’s gospel and the liturgical dimensions of this study. Don't miss the continuation of this discussion in The Breaking of the Bread also by Eugene LaVerdiere, SSS.

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