PLYMOUTH PULPIT ROBE (Black or White) for Men or Women (with free shipping)($198.90)

198.95 184.95 On Sale!

This classic looking pulpit robe is value styled for pastors in black or white Viva with a guaranteed nylon zipper closure, a right pocket slit and either lined bell sleeves with deep cuffs (H1 in Black shown left and H2 in white), or coat style sleeves (H203 in Black or H216 in White). Balanced machine fluting over the shoulders and across the back provides generous fullness. Available for either men or women.

(Stole shown is Empress Satin Pulpit Stole with optional Latin Cross.)

Sizes are as follows:
Size Female Chest Male Chest Height Sleeve
P-01 33"-37" 5'2"-5'5" 30
P-02 36"-39" 5'4"-5'7" 31
P-03 38"-41" 35"-38" to 5'9" 33
P-04 42"-45" 38"-41" to 6'0" 34
P-05 46"-49" 42"-45" to 6'2" 35
P-06 50"-53" 46"-49" to 6'5" 36
P-07 44"-47" 38"-41" to 5'9" 33
P-08 50"-53" 46"-49" to 5'9" 33
P-09 50"-53" 46"-49" to 6'0" 34

[PLEASE NOTE: Sizes PO5, PO6 and PO7 (Black)(H1) and PO6 and PO7 (White) are in stock and ready to ship the same day as you place your order!! Other sizes will be shipped directly from Murphy Robes the day after you place your order.]

(Please order by sizes indicated. If you like the appearance of this style, but require another size, please refer to the Geneva S-6 (Black) or Geneva S-7 (White). These Geneva robes are available for shipping within 24 hours in more than 100 sizes!)

Have you considered a Garment Bag for your new robe to keep it dust-free and for travel?

Free shipping offer applies to orders shipped within the continental US.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, PLEASE NOTE: There is an additional charge of $15 for each international order processed over and above the actual shipping charges since these robes will have to be shipped to our store before shipping overseas and will not be sent directly from Murphy. Additional items in your order may incur additional charges above the minimum for the additional weight.

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