WEEKDAY MISSAL (One Volume Complete from Pauline Media)*

PM: 0-8198-8033-7

Specially designed to help you participate more fully in the Eucharistic mystery, this sister volume to the Sunday Missal contains the revised lectionary for weekday celebratoins of the Eucharist. Includes the proper of the saints, with biographical information for each saint. Daily introductions to the Scriptures readings uncover a deeper understanding of and way of living God's word.

Distinctive features:

"I just want to thank you for the reasonable deal on this Missal! As it turned out I had bought the Sisters of Saint Paul Sunday Missal from someone else for a reasonable price before finding you (the first person didn't offer the Saint Paul version in a single volume in leather). So now I have both the Sunday and Weekday Missal from the Sisters of Saint Paul - leather!! It's truly a beautiful set! The Sisters of Saint Paul Version is much better than the Saint Joseph Version because in the Saint Joseph version you have to look up the antiphons and some of the prayers and leaf all through the book, but in the Sisters of Saint Paul version everything is there all in order. It makes for a bigger heavier book, but it is much easier to use!" - Arnold Van (afvw@frontiernet.net)

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