LITURGY OF THE HOURS (4 Volumes)(Vinyl, Leather & LP)(with free shipping)($154.95)*

CBP: 089942-409-0 (Code: 409/10)

This is the official English edition of the Divine Office which contains the translation approved by the International Committee on English in the Liturgy. Includes the full version of the daily Office of the Readings, Daytime Prayer and Night Prayer, as well as Morning and Evening Prayer. The four volumes also may be ordered individually. The boxed set is also available in a black leather binding or in Large Print with prices as follows:
  1. Box set of four volumes (vinyl): $139.95 (List Price: $155)(#409/10)(with free shipping)
  2. Volume I (Advent/Christmas): $33.95 (List Price: $37.95)(#401/10)
  3. Volume II (Lent/Easter): $34.95 (List Price: $38.95)(#402/10)
  4. Volume III (Ordinary Time 1-17): $33.95 (List Price: $37.95)(#403/10)
  5. Volume IV (Ordinary Time 18-34): $33.95 (List Price: $37.95)(#404/10)
  6. Leather Bound 4-Volume Set: $169.95 (List Price: $178.95)(#409/13)
  7. Leather Bound Large Print 4-Volume Set: $178.95 (List Price: $199)(709/13)
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Also available is a denim cover with angel. See Dakota Durablend Cover. Normally, these covers are $21.95 ($23.95). When ordered with the LOH sets, they are only $19.95.

Leather covers are also available.

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