CHRISTIAN PRAYER (Regular or Large Print)(Catholic Book)($37.95)*

CBP: 0-89942-407-4 (Code: 407/10)

This is the official one-volume edition of the new international "Liturgy of the Hours". These new versions contain the complete texts for Morning and Evening Prayer for the entire year. The large print edition is ideal for those who have difficulty reading smaller print and has the same pagination as the regular print edition. Both editions come with a flexible maroon cover. Regular Print Edition is also available with zippered black leather cover.

Prices are as follows:

  1. Large print edition: $34.95 (List: $38.95)(recommended!!)
  2. Regular print edition (Hard Vinyl Cover): $33.95 (List: $37)
  3. Regular print edition (with Leather Zippered Cover): $41.95 (List: $46)
If ordering the Large Print or Leather editions, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.

The following covers are available for the large print editions:

  1. Vinyl Cover (available in black, blue, burgundy or forest green): $9.95 ($11.99);
  2. Cordura Cover (available in black, blue, burgundy or forest green): $19.95 ($24.99); and,
  3. Eel Skin (Vinyl) (available in black or burgundy): $12.95 ($15.95).
  4. Floral Cover: $17.95 ($20.99);
  5. Leather (available in black or burgundy): $18.95 ($22.99); and,
  6. Deluxe Leather (includes padded cover and front pocket)(available in black or burgundy): $24.95 ($29.99).

Your choice of two covers (black with angel or denim with angel) are available for the regular print edition. See Dakota Durablend Cover. Normally, these covers are $19.95 ($23.95). When ordered with the CP or LOH sets, they are only $16.95.

Leather covers are now available. Covers fit the regular print edition.

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