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52 sermons by today's reading preachers! Introducing a valuable tool from the archives of Preaching Today: an organized CD-ROM collection of complete transcripts and outlines for 52 sermons and a variety of helpful audio and video clips. You'll find it to be an invaluable resource for your sermon and lesson preparation.

The sermons cover a wide range of topics important to you and your congregation at the dawn of the 21st century. You'll find well-crafted homilies addressing modern issues (social action, abuse, discrimination, compassion, etc.), difficult topics (sin, God's justice, freedom, etc.), stewardship, marriage and family, building community, suffering well, and holidays and events. Volumes 2 and 3 of Today's Best Sermons are also also locked on the CD-ROM.


Volume One: 52 Sermons on

Contemporary Living

from Preaching Today and Leadership Journal

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(For a complete listing of sermons, topics, authors and texts, please see Today's Best Sermons Listing.)

This title is an Add-On to the QuickVerse Library and requires that QV already be installed on your computer. You can purchase several editions of QuickVerse starting with QuickVerse Essentials or The Message by Eugene Peterson which includes QuickVerse.

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