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These 35 study guides break down nearly every book of the bible into 12 or more lessons. Leader's notes help you address any issues that could arise in your discussions. Thoughtful questions lead your students to discovering what the Bible says rather than simply telling them. BONUS! Includes Leading Bible Discussions to help you be a more effective study-group leader. All of this on one CD-ROM for easy access and importing into word processing programs.

Old Testament Study Guides:

  1. Genesis: God's Creative Call
  2. Exodus: Learning to Trust God
  3. Joshua: The Power of God's Promises
  4. Judges: Returning to God
  5. Nehemiah: The Courage to Fight
  6. Esther: Character Under Pressure
  7. Job: Wrestling with God
  8. Psalms: Prayers of the Heart
  9. Psalms II: Heart Cries to God
  10. Proverbs: Learning to Live Wisely
  11. Ecclesiastes: Chasing after Meaning
  12. Isaiah: Trusting God in Troubled Times
  13. Jeremiah: Demanding Love
  14. Daniel: Spiritual Living in a Secular World
  15. Hosea: God's Persistent Love
  16. Jonah, Joel, & Amos: Seek the Lord and Live
New Testament Study Guides
  1. Matthew: Being Discipled by Jesus
  2. Mark: Follow Me
  3. Luke: New Hope, New Joy
  4. John: The Way to True Life
  5. Acts: Seeing God's Power in Action
  6. Romans: Becoming New in Christ
  7. Philippians: Jesus our Joy
  8. Colossians & Philemon: Finding Fulfillment in Christ
  9. Thessalonians: How can l Be Sure?
  10. Timothy & Titus: Do What You Have Heard
  11. Hebrews: Race to Glory
  12. James: Faith that Works
  13. 1 Corinthians: The Challenges of Life Together
  14. Peter & Jude
  15. 2 Corinthians: Finding Strength in Weakness
  16. John's Letters: Discovering Genuine Christianity
  17. Galatians: Why God Accepts Us
  18. Revelation: The Triumph of God
  19. Ephesians: Wholeness for a Broken World

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