VESTMENTS FOR WEDDINGS AND/OR BAPTISM (also Reversible Stole) from Harbro (with free shipping)

110.00 99.95 On Sale!

Stoles are available for either priest/minister or deacon with either a reversible design (marriage/baptism) or deacon's stole with the baptism only. Also available in Chasuble with wedding and baptism designs individually or Dalmatic with Wedding design. Or a Pall with a baptism design for funerals. Marriage design is also available as a Predieu Cover for the couple. All of these are available in white. The Chasuble and Palls are also available in off white.

Prices are as follows:

  1. Priest/minister's stole (reversible)(white): $179.95 (list: $190)(H609WW);
  2. Deacon's stole (reversible): $184.95 (list: $195)(H509WW);
  3. Deacon's stole (baptism design only): $99.95 (list: $110)(H505W)(only 1 left; now discontinued);
  4. Chasuble (baptism only)(white): $204.95 (list: $225)(H805W);
  5. Chasuble (baptism only)(off white): $204.95 (list: $225)(H805O/W);
  6. Chasuble (marriage only)(white): $179.95 (list: $190)(H830W);
  7. Chasuble (marriage only)(off white): $179.95 (list: $190)(H830W);
  8. Dalmatic (marriage only)(white): $179.95 (list: $200)(H930D);
  9. Dalmatic with underlay stole (marriage only)(white): $214.95 (list: $235)(H930D/S)
  10. Pall (baptism design)(white): $239.95 (list: $260)(H905F);
  11. Pall (baptism design)(off white): $239.95 (list: $260)(H905F);
  12. Pall (baptism design for child)(white): $179.95 (list: $200)(H905F/S)
  13. Pall (baptism design for child)(off white): $179.95 (list: $200)(H905F/S)
  14. Predieu Cover (marriage design)(white): $139.95 (list: $150)(H930).

Other designs for Weddings are available from Ecumenicus, Murphy, Murphy (Rose & Rings) and Murphy (Reversible).

Other designs for Baptism are available from Ecumenicus and Chagall.

If ordering anything but the single-sided deacon's stole (which is the default price), the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt.

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