Included are: 1) a wide selection of both traditional and contemporary marriage ceremonies; 2) 33 wedding homilies; 3) pages and pages of vows, invocations, prayers, benedictions and wedding readings; 4) rituals to fit couples with special circumstances, etc. Comes with your choice of IBM or MAC disk. Please specify your preference in your order.

Sourcebook of Weddings
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This resource gives you plenty of material so that each wedding you perform can be unique and special. In this giant collection, you’ll find:

  • a wide selection of both traditional and contemporary marriage ceremonies

  • 33 wedding homilies

  • pages and pages of vows and for wedding anniversaries

  • rituals to fit couples with special circumstances

  • model pastoral letters for staying in touch with the couple before and after the wedding

  • guidelines for creating a wedding policy and procedures for you church


Part I -- Before the Wedding

Chapter 1: Before the Wedding
Pre-marital Counseling
Pre-marital Counseling Schedule
Pre-wedding Interviews

Chapter 2: Music

Chapter 3: The Rehearsal

Part II -- The Wedding Service

Chapter 4: Elements of the Ceremony

Chapter 5: Complete Ceremonies
The Traditional Ceremony
A Contemporary Ceremony
A Literary Ceremony
The Outdoor Ceremony
A Postmodern Ceremony
An Ecumenical Ceremony
A Traditional Ceremony With Communion
For Blended Families
For Widows and Widowers

Chapter 6: InterFaith Ceremonies
A Protestant/Catholic Ceremony
A Christian/Jewish Ceremony: Service One
A Christian/Jewish Ceremony: Service Two
A Christian/Orthodox Ceremony
A Christian/Eastern Religion Ceremony

Chapter 7: Ceremonies for Renewing Vows
A Complete Ceremony
A Short Version
Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
To Include in a Worship Service


Part III -- Other Wedding Resources

Chapter 8: Invocations
Chapter 9: Words of Welcome and Greeting

Chapter 10: Wedding Homilies

Chapter 11: Vows
To Be Read or Memorized
To Be Repeated After the Minister
Suitable for an "I Do" Response
For an Advent Wedding
For an Older Couple

Chapter 12: Wedding Prayers

Chapter 13: Benedictions

Chapter 15: Wedding Readings

Chapter 16: Pastoral Letters

Chapter 17: Forms for Budget and Planning
Photographer and Videographer Worksheet
Musician Worksheet
Reception Entertainment Worksheet
Minister's or Wedding Coordinator's Worksheet for Ceremony:
The Wedding Party
Minister's or Wedding Coordinator's Worksheet for Ceremony:
The Service
Worksheet for the Reception
Florist Worksheet
Planning a Wedding: A Checklist
Financial Planning Worksheet
Minister's Wedding Record

Chapter 18: A Sample Church Wedding Brochure



Also available as a set with Sourcebook of Weddings 2 (which includes an IBM/MAC CD-ROM) for $84.95 (list: $99.90).

Also available as a set with Sourcebook of Weddings 2 and Sourcebook of Weddings 3 (both Volumes 2 or 3 include an IBM/MAC-compatible CD-ROM) for $139.95 (list: $159.85).

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