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Vestments and Pulpit Stoles

These vestments are made by Abbott Hall, Chagall and Murphy Robes, all leaders in ecclesiatical apparel. They are made with extra fine yarns which give these fabrics a wonderful richness and beauty.

Stoles are approximately 5 inches wide and 116 inches long and are available either for priest/minister or deacon. Most are available in white, red, green or purple, as noted. Stoles from Abbott Hall are 110 inches long.

Pulpit Stoles from Murphy are made from exquisite fabrics and in several popular styles.

Chasubles from Abbott Hall and Murphy are 60 inches wide and 52 inches long with a plain lined understole. Coronation Chasubles and Dalmatics from Abbott Hall come with underlay stoles with a tapestry end. Many of these can be viewed from the links provided in the descriptions next to the vestments below, where available.

All vestments are sold subject to your complete satisfaction, so you can order with confidence. For additional Vestments, please visit our MDS and Harbro pages.

Please note: Although your order will show a flat rate, the actual shipping charge added to your order will be the exact cost of postage and insurance (if necessary). No further handling fee will be added. In most cases, the actual charges are significantly less than the flat rate.

BENEDICTION COPE (White with Gold Trim)(with free shipping)
558.90 513.95 On Sale!
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BENEDICTION STOLE (from Murphy)(with free shipping)
194.90 169.95 On Sale!
MUR: 13485
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CHASUBLE (from Murphy Robes)(with free shipping)
461.90 429.95 On Sale!
MUR: 13484
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mr122.jpg GARMENT BAGS (for Albs, Pulpit or Choir Robes)
13.95 11.95 On Sale!
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HANGERS (for Albs, Pulpit or Choir Robes) from Murphy ($3.20)
MR: 13930
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PULPIT STOLE in EMINENCE BROCADE (Red Tone)(with free shipping) from Murphy
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empress_stole.gif PULPIT STOLES in EMPRESS SATIN (with free shipping)(from Murphy)
84.90 74.95 On Sale!
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PS13523.jpg PULPIT STOLES in MILLENOVA (with free shipping) from Murphy
97.95 87.95 On Sale!
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PULPIT STOLES in REVERSIBLE PAVILLION (with free shipping) from Murphy Robes
114.90 104.95 On Sale!
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ps13097.jpg PULPIT STOLES with Fleur Banding (with free shipping) from Murphy Robes
95.95 85.95 On Sale!
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VESTMENTS (Plain) from Beau Veste
66.00 59.95 On Sale!
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ah_child_stoles.jpg VESTMENTS WITH CHILDREN OF THE WORLD from Abbott Hall
199.95 179.95 On Sale!
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ah7575r.jpg VESTMENTS WITH TUDOR ROSE BEMBERG from Abbott Hall ($189.95)
AH: 7000
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VISITATION STOLE (with free shipping) from Murphy
MUR: 12201
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WEDDING STOLE (Reversible)(with free shipping) from Murphy Robes
111.90 99.95 On Sale!
MUR: 13906
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WEDDING STOLE (Rose and Rings)(with free shipping) from Murphy
100.90 89.95 On Sale!
MUR: 16372
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WEDDING STOLE (with free shipping) from Murphy Robes
108.90 99.95 On Sale!
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